Michaela Pereira has brought it all authentically to live TV audiences in a remarkable career on national television and from America’s two largest media markets.   Now Michaela brings her warmth, passion, fun and excitement to a new national platform designed especially for her, with a unique financial model built for long term success in an evolving marketplace.


A new daily syndicated series with all the warmth, energy, passion, fun and excitement… of Michaela Pereira:



- One-of-a-kind personality with authenticity

- Proven track record making daily programming in daytime

- Format showcasing her unique strengths plus…

- Features for your local news and social media

- Take-aways for your viewers

- Perfect adjacency to local news and any talk format

- Exceptional business model designed for long term sustainability

What they are saying…

“Michaela's secret? A signature style." Variety

“Her upbeat personality and optimism draws viewers.” Los Angeles Times