When homicide cases go cold, a persistent group of experts, material witnesses and family members work to piece together what really happened until the perpetrators are... finally caught!

When murders leave unanswered questions, killers are left to run free assuming they’ve gotten away with the crime. . Finally Caught focuses on telling these stories, highlighting the personal journeys of those affected by the crime.

Each story begins with a distinctive murder and an unsuccessful investigation. But with passing time - new evidence comes to light, science evolves or stunning new testimony brings the case back to life. Every episode presents the motivations and frustrations of law enforcement officials working day and night to paint gruesome portraits of killers, only to have those images clouded by fate, mistake, or criminal dumb luck.

Finally Caught tells these stories with a fresh, stylistic approach, through a soundscape of material witness interviews and highly respected expert testimony. Historical footage, police records and dramatic re-enactments give Finally Caught a dark, edgy and distinct energy that fits the grisly nature of the cases.

99999 Finally Caught

- Format:  One-hours

- Utility: Weekends

- Barter: 8:00 min local / 8:00 min. national

- Delivery: Two (2) episodes delivered weekly via Pathfire

- Richly produced reeanactments with commentary from the real CSIs.

- Pairs well with news, reality, unscripted and procedural drama programming.