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How to be Indie The Latest Buzz
52 X :30 minute episodes HD
65 X :30 minute episodes HD
So you're different. Your name is Indie ("Indira" to your parents), you're 13 and
your only job is to grow up. Sounds simple enough, but things get tricky when
you're trying to blend in at school but your traditional parents are pretty fond
of their old-school values...

HOW TO BE INDIE was created by Vera Santamaria (Degrassi: Next
Generation, Outsourced, Community) to address the unique challenges facing
middle and high-school aged kids when it comes to Ethnic Diversity, Cultural
Understanding, Personal Identity and the generation gap created by rapid
changes in culture, technology and media.
The Latest Buzz centers around five 14 year-old writers who work at a youth
magazine during 8th period at school. Follow Rebecca, Michael, Noah, Amanda
and Wilder as they learn about the fast-paced world of publishing, all while
living the equally challenging life of a teenager.

THE LATEST BUZZ explores the topics of Media Education,
Entrepreneurship, Creative Collaboration and Social Responsibility while
inspiring young audiences to take a closer look at the messages they are
receiving from entertainment and pop-culture. The Latest Buzz is funny,
honest and as current and hip as the articles it publishes. Subscribe Now!

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